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Florida Is Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers This Holiday Weekend

Independence Day weekend is traditionally a time during which friends gather to celebrate our nation's freedoms, enjoy each other's company and relax. At many of these gatherings, responsible adults indulge in alcoholic drinks, as is their right to do so. Should you choose to drink this weekend, take special care to avoid

Even if you feel sober and ready to drive, make a special note to be conservative in how much time you spend sobering up post-drinking. Your BAC may take longer to metabolize below the legal limit than you might think. If you are in any doubt at all as to your BAC, please enlist the assistance of a designated driver or call a cab when traveling to your next destination. The FHP is currently on the lookout for suspected drunk drivers and the consequences of a DUI conviction are not worth the risk.

Source: TBN Weekly, "FHP recommends designated drivers," July 2, 2013