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Polk County Sheriff Continues On-Line Predator Sting

The Polk County Sheriff's Office made 41 arrests so far in June through its on-line predator sting operation. The crimes that are charged in these sting operations include: use of a computer to solicit sex from a minor; attempted lewd battery; traveling to meet a minor; and other serious felonies. The crimes can result in long terms in prison. The effect of a conviction carries past the time in prison because many of these crimes require registration as a sex offender.

Law enforcement pose as minors seeking sex or as parents of minors who are willing to allow their children to have sex. No actual sex occurs because when people show up at the address of the minor, they are arrested.

Because of the serious penalties following the arrest in these on-line sting operations, an experienced criminal defense attorney is necessary to protect the defendant's rights, explore all potential defenses and try to lessen the potential punishment.