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Florida teacher arrested for DUI and cocaine possession

A Florida 5th grade teacher was arrested on April 15 for alleged DUI and cocaine possession. After the woman reportedly declined to take a breathalyzer test or participate in field sobriety tests she was then transported to jail. Police then claim to have found four grams of cocaine in the teacher's purse along with a rolled up ten-dollar bill containing a white powdery substance.

The teacher has been reassigned at least temporarily to the school district's administrative center. One parent who claims to have known the teacher states he was shocked by what took place.

This shows that even individuals holding responsible positions can find themselves being arrested for a DUI. We often find talented individuals who have contributed to the community being on the wrong side of the law. Unfortunately those facing an arrest often face severe consequences and may subsequently see their career come to an abrupt ending. There is often a great deal of publicity following such arrests. However, simply because an arrest has occurred does not mean there is sufficient proof to demonstrate that the person was actually guilty of an offense.

Lawyers experienced in criminal law and DUI defense strive to make certain that the events surrounding the arrest are kept in context and any violations of a client's rights are protected. The burden of proof is always on the prosecuting attorneys rather than the person accused of a DUI to demonstrate that the person was actually impaired at the time of the arrest. Also, if an arrest or stop was made improperly, grounds may be developed to put forth a defense to the charges.

Source: NBC 2, "Collier teacher arrested for DUI, cocaine," Rick Ritter, April 15, 2014