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High school coach accused of embezzlement takes his own life

A high school assistant football coach in Florida apparently committed suicide as a police investigation had been ongoing concerning alleged embezzlement of booster club funds. The coach had been accused of using a booster club credit card to purchase prescription drugs and rent hotel rooms and cars for close to $25,000.

While the high school for which he worked acknowledged that an investigation concerning the coach had been made, there apparently were no other claims of improper conduct prior to these assertions that were made. This individual recently resigned in his position as community coach citing personal reasons.

He'd been coaching at the high school for approximately 12 years. This individual was described by the head football coach as being "very loyal, very hard-working, very committed to ensuring that our kids had a great experience." The head coach also said that he did a "great job."

It was said that the assistant coach had been aware of the investigation. Despite the assistant coach's death, the investigation into this matter has been ongoing. The football players and the head coach also held a team meeting concerning the death, and crisis counselors were also in attendance.

It's extremely sad that an individual with such talent would choose to take this route. People charged with white-collar crimes such as this may feel that there is no way out concerning their circumstances. At the same time we must remember that allegations of a crime are not the same as the actual commission of a crime. Nor do such allegations mean that a conviction is forthcoming.

Please speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are under investigation or charged with such a crime. Attorneys experienced in the area of criminal defense can provide options to those under investigation or charged with crimes and help them understand the criminal justice system. Attorneys can represent those under investigation or charged with crimes and make sure that any evidence brought against them is proper. Also, attorneys can negotiate for a lighter sentence in the event that a conviction is forthcoming. I have had many clients come to me who talk of suicide because of the stress of an allegation of criminal wrongdoing. I have been able to help them deal not only with the investigation or charges, but to also advise them how to cope with the stress. Thankfully, I have never had a client commit suicide.