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After 4 years, Florida DUI case continues to be disputed

Being charged with a DUI in many circumstances can be devastating. In one noteworthy Florida case, a high-profile businessman may be facing DUI manslaughter charges that could result in significant prison time.

This matter has been ongoing for four years. One court decision to sentence this individual to 16 years in prison has already been tossed because of possible jury misconduct. Still, additional issues have arisen that may affect the way this matter is retried.

There remain questions as to whether the blood alcohol level of this individual was more than 0.08 on the evening of the fatal car accident. A motion by the attorneys for this individual asked that the court throw out evidence that suggests his blood alcohol level was above this amount.

There is also concern about the vehicle that was driven by this person during the night in question. There is question as to whether the malfunctioning of the vehicle may have in some way contributed to the accident. The vehicle in question, however, was apparently released from evidence making such a defense more difficult.

Goodman DUI manslaughter retrial delayed; new date uncertain," Marc Freeman, March 7, 2014