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When prosecutors misinterpret honest mistakes

To say that our nation's healthcare system is complicated is to understate the obvious. But as confusing as it is to the average consumer, it is much more complex on the other side of the industry, where healthcare providers must daily wade through labyrinths of codes, regulations, rules, laws and bureaucratic busywork.

Mistakes are common in the healthcare maze. Patients, physicians, insurers, government bureaucrats and others make errors as they try to navigate systems set up for Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It is perhaps inevitable that healthcare providers and their staffs misinterpret complicated and sometimes contradictory billing codes and are assumed to have attempted to overbill agencies or private insurance companies for services provided.

Billing errors can be repeated by staffers hundreds of times as patients are treated, and the services rendered are misclassified resulting in incorrect billing. In some cases, these honest mistakes are treated by prosecutors as if they are crimes.

That's when the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A. can be helpful to those who find themselves under investigation or under indictment for criminal acts they did not commit.

Our defense attorneys utilize healthcare billing specialists, investigators or accountants to aid in the defense investigation to overcome incorrect assumptions of fraud reached by government investigators. In some cases, criminal charges can be avoided entirely and in other situations, negotiations can result in charges being dropped or lowered. Through thorough defense investigations we develop facts to prevent criminal charges or vigorously defend our client if the government proceeds with prosecution.

Our attorneys are also experienced in defending clients in complex federal criminal trials.

Before speaking with an investigator about charges or billing procedures, speak with an attorney experienced in this complex area of criminal law. Please see our billing fraud page for more information.