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Determined not to do damage

A Florida therapist likens pedophilia to schizophrenia and diabetes: there is no cure for any of the conditions. A recent news article noted that "a relatively small percentage of sex offenders are actually 'pedophiles'" -- people who are sexually attracted to children.

Despite the virtually instantaneous negative reaction the word causes in most people, not all pedophiles are criminal. In fact, there is a growing internet support group comprised of people who identify as pedophiles, but say they are determined not to act on their attractions.

The group calls itself "Virtuous Pedophiles." A documentary recently profiled an anonymous man who spoke about his pedophiliac desires and his determination not to harm a child. He said he would "much prefer not to have these feelings and these attractions." Despite that, he says the automatic assumption most people make -- that he will abuse a child -- will not happen.

"I don't think I'm capable of that kind of thing," he said.

A Florida newspaper contacted the founder of the Virtuous Pedophiles, who said he has never had sexual contact with a child and never will. He said to act on his sexual desires would require an antisocial personality and a willingness to deal with "the huge legal consequences."

He said that coping with pedophilia is somewhat like the way in which all of us must cope with the possibility that under the right mix of circumstances and anger, we could become violent and even kill someone. But few people act on their anger in that way. They understand the acceptable boundaries of anger and behavior.

He said he understands the acceptable boundaries of behavior, too.

There are undoubtedly many who will be very skeptical of his reasoning, and the efforts of Virtuous Pedophiles to restrain a mental disorder.

Regardless, he at least appears to be trying to make a positive difference in a world in which an allegation of possession of child pornography can have devastating effects on a person's life. Some believe that those who view child pornography will harm children even though research does not support that view.

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