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Controversial Orlando-area site: Is it a prank, porn or both?

Orlando's WKMG describes the website as appearing something like a yearbook, festooned with Central Florida high school logos and mascots. But clicking on a link changes everything.

The links take a site visitor to hundreds of photographs of nude female high school students from the Orlando area, both current and former students. The explicit photos have been posted by anonymous users.

The users have also posted comments, including requests of photos of local high school girls attending Winter Springs, Boone, West Orange, Freedom, Lake Brantley, Ocoee, Olympia, Dr. Phillips, Osceola, Lake Howell, Hagerty, Wekiva, Lyman and Deland schools. Some requests are for photos of nude women -- past students -- as well.

While WKMG was not able to confirm that any of the photos are of underage girls (the station was afraid of breaking child pornography laws in its investigation), it seems possible, and perhaps probable, that at least some of the photos of nude girls could be considered child porn.

What might have begun as a prank could be perceived as a felony by area law enforcement. Those who created the site and those who have uploaded or downloaded photos of nude, underage girls could face very serious criminal charges involving possession and distribution of child porn.

We have also not seen the site and so we also cannot verify that any of the images are illegal, but as noted, the possibility exists. The possibility also exists that a person could innocently do a search for classmates or former classmates and inadvertently find themselves on a site containing child porn.

If you believe you are under investigation regarding this site or similar sites, it makes sense to discuss your actions with an Orlando criminal defense attorney. The potential for arrest and conviction of child pornography charges is a serious matter and should be discussed with an attorney experienced in defense of child pornography cases.

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