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Protecting your rights and your freedom On behalf of Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, P.A. posted in Computer Crimes/Child Pornography on Friday, January 30, 2015. We recently saw a WFTV report about the arrest of a former Orlando municipal employee accused

We recently saw a WFTV report about the arrest of a former Orlando municipal employee accused of downloading child pornography at City Hall. While there was little that was remarkable in the telling of the story, a couple of facts the reporter recited without emphasis struck us as interesting.

The first was that the suspect had reportedly declined to speak with law enforcement investigators and had instead asked to speak with a criminal defense attorney. That is exactly what anyone facing serious criminal charges should do: politely decline to talk to police or prosecutors and ask instead to speak with your lawyer.

The risk of making an incorrect statement that could be used against you in court is too big to take. There are also risks of misstating facts, or of having a faulty memory, or of saying things that you wrongly believe will lead to having charges dismissed or suspicions eliminated. Speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney instead; someone who understands the charges and the law, and can help protect your rights and interests.

Another thing we found interesting in the news story was the fact that the man retired from his decades-long city job hours before he was arrested. Since he essentially resigned before being charged, depending on the wording of his contract and other factors, that decision might enable him to have the needed resources to defend himself with the aid of an experienced defense attorney.

It is possible that he knew he was under investigation. When a person knows they are a suspect in a child porn case or a matter potentially involving other serious criminal allegations, they should speak with an attorney experienced in vigorous criminal defense.

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