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Every business owner knows how tough it can be to inform Orlando residents of the existence of your services and products. Some use print media to inform consumers, other use TV, radio, the internet and some use telemarketing.

Few people truly enjoy calls from telemarketers, but clearly, if the calls didn't generate business for companies, the companies would soon stop making the calls. Unfortunately, some telemarketing firms aren't dialing people for legitimate business reasons, but are instead trying to scam folks. It's also unfortunate that legitimate telemarketing companies are tainted by association with those guilty of crimes involving misrepresentation of products or services, making false claims or otherwise defrauding consumers.

A fraud-prevention company says its recently released study shows that home security scams were the second most common form of telemarketing fraud last year. At the top of the list, Pindrop Security says, were credit card scams.

In these calls, a telemarketers apparently offers to reduce a person's credit card interest costs in exchange for an upfront fee.

However, it should be stated that just because a company calls and offers credit card services or home security products, it does not mean they are engaged in fraud. As we stated above, guilt by association taints honest telemarketing firms.

For those facing charges of engaging in fraud via telemarketing, the consequences of a conviction can be severe, including incarceration, enormous fines, lengthy probation, restitution and forfeiture of assets.

The clients of the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A., understand that our firm has more than three decades of legal experience at their disposal, helping them fight for justice. As you help us understand your circumstances, we help you understand your legal options; together we pursue the option most likely to result in a favorable outcome for you.

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