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Saturday Night Massacre | Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz, P.A.

When the Nixon impeachment was going on the Saturday Night Massacre was a very significant event. A special prosecutor was brought on and the attorney general at the time promised congress not to interfere with the investigation. On a Saturday night after the special prosecutor subpoenaed some tapes Nixon called the attorney general and told him to fire the special prosecutor Archibald Cox. The attorney general would not fire Mr. Cox and resigned. Nixon then calls the assistant attorney general who was now the acting attorney general. He made the same request and had the same result. The solicitor general got the next call and agreed to fire Mr. Cox. This was known as the Saturday Night Massacre.

At this time Mark Horwitz was offered a job as an assistant US attorney in Orlando. All the assistant district attorneys need to go through a background check but Mr. Horwitz was able to start working without getting paid. Everything was sitting on the desk of the attorney general on the Friday before the Saturday Night Massacre. It cost him 2 weeks pay since they did not approve the ppointment for 2 weeks. The appointment is signed by the acting attorney general that fired Archibald Cox.