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What Constitutes Medicaid or Medicare Fraud?

Medicaid or Medicare fraud ultimately comes down to one thing: false billing. False billing can take on many forms; it can even be legitimate billing with which the government simply does not agree.

The problem with billing, particularly in the medical profession, is that it is extremely complex. Medical billing uses a complicated coding system that is difficult to understand, and sometimes can be interpreted in different ways.

"I look at the medical professional, and I feel for the doctors who have to put up with this," says Attorney Mark Horwitz, "You can have two or three people look at the same code and come to different conclusions. People should not go to jail for that."

It is sometimes possible to convince a prosecutor not to proceed with a Medicare or Medicaid fraud trial by demonstrating that the facts were either misinterpreted or could be interpreted differently. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced healthcare fraud attorney who can fight for your rights.

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