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What is a Pill Mill?

Although there are differences in opinion on the true definition of a pill mill, it can generally be described as an operation where a medical professional (doctor, pharmacist, psychiatrist, etc.) prescribes and/or dispenses high-value narcotics to someone without a justifiable medical reason. These types of drugs include oxycodone, Oxycontin, or other narcotics that have a high market value in the illicit drug trade.

Pain clinics are frequently the targets of prescription drug fraud investigations, which presents numerous social and legal issues, both for the proprietors and the patients.

"The reality is, people in pain need medicine. How do [we], as a society, determine who needs medicine and who doesn't?" says criminal defense attorney Mark Horwitz, "What's the impact on those citizens who have legitimate need for pain medicine and no longer can get it, because their pharmacists are afraid to fill prescriptions?"

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