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Former Assistant US Attorney Mark Horwitz Responds to Noor Salman's Arrest

Just over six months after 49 people were killed in June’s Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, FL, Noor Salman, wife of shooter Omar Mateen, has been arrested based upon a federal indictment.

“Because it is a murder doesn’t make it a federal crime… What makes this a federal crime is [the charge of] aiding this terrorist organization,” Horwitz said in an interview with WESH 2.

Horwitz further states that the indictment against Salman is vague and sheds little light on what specific evidence the FBI claims to have in regards to the case.

“The government has to prove that [Salman] understood that [Mateen] was assisting or trying to assist this foreign terror organization,” stated Horwitz.

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