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New York Pain Clinic Doctor Pleads Guilty

New York Pain Clinic Doctor Pleads Guilty & is Expected to Give Testimony

Dr. Dante Cubangbang operated a pain clinic in New York, which, over a period of 6 years, dispensed over 6 million opioid pills. The doctor was taken into custody after pleading guilty to healthcare fraud and money laundering, and now faces decades in prison.

Dr. Cubangbang Cooperates with the Government

Dr. Cubangbang is expected to cooperate with the government by testifying against others who worked with and for him at the pain clinic. This is not an uncommon practice, as many defendants are willing to engage in a little quid pro quo to reduce their prison sentences. Federal prosecutors also benefit from these arrangements, as it helps them collect critical evidence against any other parties that were involved in the criminal act. However, while the government seeks truthful information, it is not unusual for a defendant to give false testimony just to avoid decades of incarceration.

The Dangers of Providing a False Testimony

In the New York case, it appears that the principal wrongdoer – the doctor – plans to cooperate by testifying against the people who worked for him at the pain clinic. Dr. Cubangbang is required to tell the truth, but fear can be a powerful motivator. Defendants facing his circumstances have been known to provide false testimony for personal benefit, even if it implicates an innocent party. Over the years, we have witnessed defendants implicate friends, relatives, coworkers, and romantic partners in life-changing criminal cases.

It is also common for the government to make plea deals with major wrongdoers; in this scenario, the defendant is compelled to testify against minor participants in the criminal conduct. Unfortunately, an innocent employee, partner, or relative can be falsely accused by the defendant, who is hoping to take years off their prison sentence.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges Due to a False Testimony?

An innocent person can be wrongfully brought into a criminal case if a defendant believes that incriminating more people can improve the chances of receiving a lesser sentence. Dealing with such witnesses can be difficult, but it is something the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A. have done on numerous occasions. We are the client’s sword and shield in the battle to protect their liberty.

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