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Arrests and Convictions Can Adversely Affect the Employment Prospects of College Graduates

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in colleges suspending classes for the rest of this year. Some summer programs at universities are also being canceled. Those students that can attend college remotely will likely be able to graduate on schedule.

With additional time away from school and studies, some students may find themselves in situations resulting in an arrest and conviction, of serious or minor crimes. A conviction, even of a misdemeanor, can adversely affect a graduate’s ability to obtain employment. College students should recognize that jobs may be harder to get as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vincent Citro and I have represented students who, due to carelessness, intoxication, or a momentary lapse of judgment find themselves subjected to the criminal justice system. While a misdemeanor crime is considered minor, it is important to deal with any criminal case to avoid a blemish on your record. That ‘minor’ incident may prevent graduates from getting that dream job after spending years and thousands of dollars to earn a college degree.

We have been able to help students through these difficulties. Even during this health crisis, we are available to consult via phone or video conference to represent clients and deal with the problems that follow arrests. Even minor criminal charges can have lasting effects on your future, if not handled correctly.

Our primary goal is to protect the liberty of our clients and to ensure that the adverse consequences of arrests or convictions are minimized.