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In the digital age of interconnected computer networks, servers, and handheld devices, criminal statutes were quickly created making it illegal to do any number of things. Federal criminal violations — found in Title 18 of the United States Code — broadly defines many activities as cybercrimes, some of which are not so obvious. For example, it is illegal to damage a computer you do not own.

Damage in terms of the law can be construed as:

  • Deleting information
  • Stealing files
  • Changing data
  • Inputting malicious code
  • Accessing a computer without express permission or in excess of the permission you have

Due to the vagueness of the law, federal investigators can bring cybercrime charges against parties who often had no idea they were even skirting the law. It is imperative to counter any federal investigation with lawyers on your side who understand cybercrime issues. If you are under federal investigation for committing cybercrimes, come to the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A. in Orlando. Our federal criminal defense attorneys are ready to stand by your side and make certain you are not mistreated by the criminal justice system, which can be all too eager to land a conviction, even when evidence points otherwise.

What sets our Orlando cybercrime lawyers apart from others?

  • We have a former National Security Cyber Specialist.
  • We have nearly 50 years of collective legal experience.
  • We have former federal prosecutors on our team.
  • We are board certified in Criminal Trial Law.
  • We are recognized as a Tier 1 Law Firm in Orlando for Criminal Defense by U.S. News – Best Lawyers® 2018 “Best Law Firms”.
  • We are listed in Super Lawyers®.
  • We are listed in Best Lawyers in America®.
  • We are featured on news programs for our legal insight.
  • We are the trusted law firm for other complex cases in addition to cybercrimes, like offshore banking defense, investigations of government contractors, and national security matters.

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How Typical Cybercrime Investigations are Conducted

Cybercrimes are strongly pursued by federal investigators. They will exercise their abilities and connections to dig into otherwise unseen data and information, such as a catalogue of internet protocol (IP) addresses and files in hidden folders to find you and what you may have accessed. Unique codes of devices, IP addresses, and other data can allow investigators to pinpoint where cybercrimes originated.

After deciding upon a list of probable suspects, investigators will move in to try to get additional evidence to warrant an arrest. In-person investigations will likely be conducted, and they may also try to seize hardware, such as your computer. To help protect your rights and good name, you should always insist that investigators produce a court-approved warrant before allowing them to take or enter your personal property. And you should never speak to an investigator without counsel. This can ultimately result in jail sentences up to 10 years under penal statute.

Act Quick, Call Us & Build Your Defense

Federal investigators who manage cybercrimes cases are meticulous in their proceedings. To stand up to the challenges they will present, protect your rights with our Orlando cybercrimes attorneys, who have a long history of taking on federal defense investigations and cases with success. We never back down when our clients’ rights are on the line.

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Recent Victories

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  • Resisting Arrest Without Violence and Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed; No Civil Fine Imposed
  • Fraud Investigation No Charges Filed
  • Domestic Violence Case Dropped
  • Disgorgement of Income Avoided an $11 Million Judgement
  • SEC Insider Trading Fraud Case No Jail Time
  • Insurance Fraud Deferred Prosecution Agreement
  • Success in Juvenile Court Probation
  • Financial Recovery for a Crime Victim Recovered Funds
  • Firing a Deadly Missile and Battery All Charges Dropped
  • Tax Fraud Not Guilty

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