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The Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A., offers sophisticated defense strategies for complicated Federal criminal charges in Orlando and throughout the state of Florida. Because no two cases are the same, at our firm, you get the personalized attention your case deserves with the focus on the results that you need.

Board-certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, defense attorneys Mark Horwitz and Vince Citro offer our clients the following:

  • The phone is answered 24 hours a day
  • Published authors, speakers, and featured voices on news and media
  • Immediate investigation to get you results
  • Over 45 combined years of professional legal experience
  • Sophisticated defense strategies for complex matters

Our firm offers expert counsel for serious crimes – should you choose to hire the legal services offered at the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A., you will see firsthand the dedication our team has to protect your rights in and out of the courtroom.

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Federal Crimes vs. State Crimes

Most crimes—from drug possession and embezzlement to sexual assault and murder—are considered violations of state law, which means these cases are handled by state prosecutors in state court. By contrast, the federal courts handle cases in which some federal criminal law or national interest is at stake such as major drug cases, counterfeiting, cybercrimes, healthcare and insurance fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice, child pornography, theft of government property, fraud against the U.S. government including Medicare fraud and fraud in government contracting.

Federal courts and prosecutors handle the following types of cases:

  • Violations of federal criminal statutes such as wire fraud, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, child pornography, and healthcare fraud to name a few
  • Long and complex fraud investigations involving crimes such as tax evasion, securities fraud, cybercrimes, criminal copyright violations and bank fraud, healthcare fraud and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Keep in mind, federal penalties are usually more severe than state penalties. If a person is convicted of a federal crime, he/she may be sent to federal prison and subject to harsh mandatory minimum sentences.

Does the Federal Government Have Jurisdiction Over My Case?

We previously mentioned that violations of state law are tried in state court. However, there are certain circumstances where state crimes can also violate federal criminal laws.

Here are several indications that you are under criminal investigation:

  • You are contacted by federal law enforcement agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), IRS Criminal Investigators or Secret Service agents.
  • When a crime occurs on federal land such as assaulting someone on a military base, stealing government property or committing any crimes on U.S. property.
  • When a defendant crosses state lines, like kidnapping a person from Florida to Georgia.
  • When a defendant violates customs or immigration law, like human or sex trafficking. Illegally takes currency out of or into the U.S., or exporting/importing weapons in violation of U.S. Munition Laws.

How Can an Orlando Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

Federal crimes generally involve higher stakes and harsher criminal penalties. For these reasons and more, it is vital that you have an Orlando federal criminal defense attorney on your side. Our firm thoroughly investigates your matter, we build a solid defense that keeps your best interests in mind, and are not afraid to fight for your freedom and your future.

With so much on the line, it is never in your best interest to represent yourself or to have an attorney who is inexperienced in defending federal investigations and taking complex cases to trial in Federal Court. When you retain the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A., you can trust that you have an advocate on your side who knows the laws and knows how to protect your rights. Both Mark Horwitz and Vince Citro are former federal prosecutors.

Arrested or under investigation for a Federal Crime? Call (407) 901-5852

Time is of the essence and in federal crimes, obtaining the counsel you need should be your top priority. Let our skilled team handle your case and concentrate on preserving the rest of your life. We are the sword and shield to protect our clients’ liberty.

Reach out to our firm today to learn why we have a history of exceptional client reviews and are well-respected by our peers. Call (407) 901-5852 for a complimentary confidential consultation today.

Reach out to our firm today to learn why we have a history of exceptional client reviews and are well-respected by our peers. Call (407) 901-5852 for a complimentary confidential consultation today.

Recent Victories

Team Up with a Firm with a Proven Track Record

  • Resisting Arrest Without Violence and Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed; No Civil Fine Imposed
  • Fraud Investigation No Charges Filed
  • Domestic Violence Case Dropped
  • Disgorgement of Income Avoided an $11 Million Judgement
  • SEC Insider Trading Fraud Case No Jail Time
  • Success in Juvenile Court Probation
  • Financial Recovery for a Crime Victim Recovered Funds
  • Insurance Fraud Deferred Prosecution Agreement
  • Firing a Deadly Missile and Battery All Charges Dropped
  • Tax Fraud Not Guilty

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  • Former Federal Prosecutors
  • Board Certified with The Florida Bar & the National Board of Trial Advocacy
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  • Published Speakers/Authors & an Authority on Federal Matters
  • Regularly Featured in the News & Media
  • Highly Regarded by Peers, Prosecutors & Judges

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