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Florida's laws that prohibit a person from violating a restraining order (protection order) can sometimes lead to very harsh and unfair results. The law has a valid purpose in theory, but the problem is in how it works.

Consider these scenarios:

  • Your former girlfriend has a restraining order against you. She asks you to come over to visit her at her home, so you visit her. You have an argument and she calls the police.
  • You call your ex-husband to see if a reconciliation is possible. He has a restraining order against you, but invites you to have dinner to discuss the possibility of reconciliation. At dinner, he calls the police to have you arrested. He has decided that if you are arrested, he might have a better chance to get a modification of custody.
  • Your former spouse calls you on the phone to talk and you call her back to see what she wanted to discuss. She has a restraining order against you, but you assume she will not call the police since she initiated communications with you. When you call back, she tapes your voicemail and calls the police because she is upset that you have started dating again.

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Unfortunately, you could be convicted in all of the above instances. Florida law makes it a crime to violate a restraining order. If the terms of the order say no contact, it means just that — no contact. Most restraining orders will prohibit contact by phone, e-mail, and other communications.

While the law does not create a lot of wiggle-room, the prosecution may be more responsive to making a fair plea offer if they understand what really happened in your case and they realize that you meant no harm to the person who was protected by the restraining order. As experienced Orlando criminal defense attorneys, we may be able to get your charges dismissed, resolve your case in a manner that avoids a criminal conviction, or significantly minimize the penalties arising from your charges.

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  • Insurance Fraud Deferred Prosecution Agreement
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